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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Ofsted Inspection 2019

Below is a link to the Ofsted report for Newdigate pre-school following our inspection in November 2019. We are really proud of the team’s hard work and dedication that has been recognised and acknowledged under the brand new framework. Here are just a few points from the report that highlight the positive ethos and approaches being used:

  • The new managers provide a rich learning environment for all children, which is a vision they share equally with their staff team.
  • Staff provide exciting activities that support children’s emerging interests.
  • Children are eager to explore and investigate their surroundings as staff provide a stimulating outdoor environment.
  • Staff sensitively support children to extend their play as they talk to them about what they are doing.
  • Children happily express their excitement.
  • Managers have implemented range of  initiatives to support children to manage their own behaviour.
  • Children are kind, respectful and use good manners.
  • Managers provide opportunities for children to learn about the world around them.
  • The managers are keen and passionate. They have a drive for improvement and are evaluating their practice well.
  • They have recognised from their observations the need to adapt the environment to ensure children are highly engaged.
  • Managers enthusiastically work alongside their staff, supporting practice. They know their staff well and have supervisions in place to improve professional development. Staff offer praise and encouragement well.
  • Children are happy and settled, and have formed strong relationships with the staff.
  • Children adopt positive attitudes towards learning as they have a go at activities.
  • Staff nurture children’s language skills well, providing a narrative as they play.
  • As staff play alongside the children, they use effective questions to sustain children’s motivation to learn.
  • Parents talk highly of the preschool. They are kept well informed through an electronic communication system, regular discussions and newsletters. This supports parents to extend their child’s learning at home.

The full report is available here:



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